How An Engine’s Cooling System Works

A vehicle’s engine produces a lot of power and heat when it is running. In order to keep the engine running efficiently, it is necessary to ensure that it does not get overheated, or it might get impaired or break down altogether. To keep the engine running smoothly, an efficacious coolant system is ensconced along with it.


The coolant system’s primary function is to run the coolant throughout the engine through various pipes and hoses which ultimately cools the engine down. An engine cannot run effectively at low temperatures. It causes the engine’s components to wear out faster and also makes the engine emit more pollution. Hence, another critical function of a coolant system is to increase the temperature of an engine as quickly as possible and bring it to its optimum level and then maintain it at that level.

A coolant liquid is usually mixed with an antifreeze and is made to run through the engine. This liquid expands as it absorbs the heat when the engine starts heating up and moves towards the radiator which is located right behind the grill of the vehicle. This grill allows air to pass through, which in turn cools down the heated coolant. The coolant cools down and flows back to pass through the engine.


A coolant system is an assemblage of various components, therefore, any reason for its dysfunction may be attributed to one or more reasons. The most common signals of a damaged system can be easily diagnosed, like, the reading on the temperature gauge of the vehicle may show an increased temperature. You might, sometimes, spot a colored liquid leaked below your vehicle. This liquid may be green, orange or yellow, which is the color of the antifreeze. In a few cases, you may observe low temperature in the passenger’s compartment.

As soon as you notice any unusual signs in your vehicle, it should be taken to the nearest workshop for a thorough inspection. Any delays may lead to more wear out, more complications and unexpected break downs.

Why You May Need A Towing Service

It is very scary to get stuck on the side of road when your vehicle stops working suddenly. In such a scenario trying to fix the problem yourself may not always be possible. It is better to call a specialized towing service provider which can either repair the vehicle on the spot or tow the vehicle to the nearest garage to get it repaired.

If you are stuck on the road and your towing company doesn’t respond on time, then you may be stranded if no other service is available. Therefore, it is important to choose a towing company which offers great customer service and is reliable as well.

Some of the problems which might force you to call a towing company are:

Engine Problems

It is a good idea to get your vehicle serviced before starting the journey. Checking the coolant and engine oil levels becomes essentially important as low engine oil level can lead to an overheated engine, which in turn can lead to engine failure. In case your engine fails and stalls on you, the number of a reliable towing service, who are available to provide you support in a dire situation is essential. They will be able to repair your vehicle on the spot, or if needed, tow your vehicle to an expert garage near you who can perform repair services to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

An Accident

Even if you are an attentive driver, chances are that you may get into a collision at some point. Even the best of drivers make mistakes, so if you get into such a collision then you don’t entirely have to blame yourself. Instead of driving the vehicle after the collision, inspect the vehicle, and survey the extent of damage. If you feel your vehicle might be unsafe to drive, call us at (209) 827-3200. Your vehicle could be repaired on spot if the damage is not too extensive, and they will have you on your way.

Running Out of Fuel

Another frequent problem which can leave you stranded in the middle of the road is running out of fuel. It may be due to a technical problem like leaking fuel pipe or a simple mistake such as not remembering to fill up the fuel tank. Whatever the case is, this is one of the problems which needs a reliable company like AAA Services Group.

Flat Tire

A flat tire is another problem which can will leave you stranded, unless you have the tools and skill set required to fix it. If you do not have the required tools or skills on the spot, your only other option is calling an expert towing or repair company like AAA Services Group which can help you to either inflate or replace the flat tire. We can get your wheels turning in a timely manner.

In case of an emergency, please call AAA Services Group at (209) 827-3200.